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Ferretti Group promises to be a major player in 2023 as well

For Ferretti Group 2023 starts at Boot Düsseldorf with the presentation of the world première Ferretti Yachts 580, the new luxurious and ultra-modern flybridge. (Here all our posts about Ferretti)

Ferretti Group
Ferretti Yachts 580

A 2022 full of novelties

2022 was a decisive year in terms of new boats and expansion of the range, with 54 models, including 4 sailing yachts, compared to 42 in 2021. The novelties in Pershing, Wally, Riva, Custom Line, CRN, Itama and Ferretti Yachts are the result of a solid investment plan, amounting to 68 million euros in the first nine months of 2022 alone.

Ferretti Group

“The fun begins now. To the many people who congratulate us on boats and results I always say that we are just at the beginning, and I am obviously not talking about the beginning of 2023. Over the last few years we have had the foresight to nurture the growth of the Ferretti Group with the right ingredients: investments in innovation and sustainability, many hires of high-profile young people, and the enhancement of our brands, which are unique in the world in terms of attractiveness, history, and prestige,” comments Mr. Galassi, Ferretti Group CEO. 

Ferretti Group
Riva 76 Perseo

Ferretti Group: the new models for 2023

During the conference, new models and projects of the Group’s brands were also discussed, starting from Wally with the wallypower58X project, a powerful outboard of the wallypower range, up to the advancements of the versatile wallywhy150, which will make its world debut at the Venice Boat Show 2023, on which the engine has already been installed and the hull-deck joint completed, and the wallywhy100, a model capable of combining all the features of a 60-70 foot coupé boat, with the advantages of the extra volume offered by Wally. Construction is also proceeding apace on the wally101 full custom performance cruiser, the latest generation carbon fibre sandwich laminated cruiser-racer to be launched in the spring.

Ferretti Group
Pershing X6

Pershing’s new GTX 116 stands out, as well as the GTX80 project that will join the flagship from 2024. The official name of Riva’s latest amazing project, the Riva 82′ Diva, was also unveiled. Custom Line presented Navetta 38, the first shuttle with a deck directly above sea level, while as far as Ferretti Yachts is concerned, besides the world premiere Ferretti Yachts 580, a happy symbiosis of luxury and design, the first model of the new InFYnito range, Ferretti Yachts InFYnito 90, was presented. The InFYnito range is characterised by environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and navigation, customisable and personalised details, and a direct link with the sea and the sky. 

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