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Mondomarine M40, more than an explorer



Sergio Cutolo – Hydro Tec, for the naval project, Umberto Fossati Fossati Design Bureau and Mondomarine. These three signatures of the new M40 Explorer  that announced the sale of the first model of this new 40 meters.

The M40 Explorer is a displacement yacht and it represents a true evolution of the concept of explorer vessels, but at the same time, next to the peculiarities of this type of yacht that can tackle any sea, the lines are very modern. Featuring a hull developed thanks to sophisticated programs combined with fluid dynamics testing tanks, the latest proposal for Mondomarine will be particularly economic in consumption terms, along with great qualities of seaworthiness.

The interiors have been designed to offer guests the possibility of long voyages in ample living space. At the same time they are provided for large load capacity in the holds and refrigerated rooms. The new M40 Explorer continues the great tradition of Mondomarine in the explorer domain and it is proud of its models like Tribù, a vessel that has sailed around the world three times.

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