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New Solaris Power 40 open 

Entry Level of Solaris Power’s Open range, the new 40 footer will be presented as a world premiere at the next Yachting Festival in Cannes. But in spring it could already be available for the first sea trials.

In addition to the recognized seaworthiness typical of the whole Solaris power range, the innovative 40 Open offers the longest exterior layout in its category, with the largest area of liveability between the dinette and the sunbathing area, which it can be found only on a 43’ / 44’ boat. 

Seaworthiness has always been Solaris Power’s design priority, and the hull’s shape is the first and most crucial element of this significant feature. The boatyard has always invested heavily in the study of hull shapes entrusted to Brunello Acampora, who boasts over thirty years of experience in this field also gained in the field of racing F1 offshore, and in recent years the navigational skills of the Solaris Power boats have received a consensus unanimous on the part of journalists, customers and professionals.

The Solaris Power 40 Open hull 40 represents a further evolutionary step of the proven and well esteemed hulls of Solaris Power. It features: soft passage on the wave and dry deck even in rough seas; excellent stability at sea and anchor; low consumption with resultant great endurance and reduced CO2 emissions; perfectly navigating both in displacement and planing mode; easy maneuvering in port thanks to the versatile joystick; record-breaking performance with a nearly 42-knot top speed.

In addition, the new Solaris Power 40 Open offers: three large lockers under the stern sunbathing area that no competitor has; very large T-Top offering a large shaded area; large, functional engine room set-up with the highest quality components; low noise and absence of vibrations; original and beautiful line; highest quality level of class-leading construction.

Below deck, in addition to the large volumes at the bow and the stern, Solaris Power 40 Open has a bathroom with a separate shower, the sole 40-footer with this feature.

The new 40 Open is a new generation motoryacht and represents a bold step forward compared to model of this size on the market today.

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