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The new Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63

It is not just a car on the water, but a true Lamborghini of the sea. And it is not enough to put a logo or play with shapes to achieve this ambitious goal. The new Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is the point of contact between two similar worlds, cars and boats, which usually travel on parallel tracks. Built by Tecnomar, a brand of The Italian Sea Group, this new twenty-metre open combines refinement and comfort with performance. 

From the outset,” explains Gian Marco Campanino, artistic director of The Italian Sea Group, “the aim was to blend the two worlds as closely as possible in terms of both design and technology, for the first time brought into close contact on an exclusive, high-performance project.

The model that inspired this yacht is the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, the first super sports car with a V12 engine and hybrid technology. Invaluable added value came from the contribution of Mitja Borkert, director of the Sant’Agata-based company’s Style Centre, and creator of the Sián.

But why this particular model? When we started out,” says Mitja Borkert, “the Sián was the last car we launched and the most innovative: the perfect reference for a very innovative project. We wanted to keep the silhouette of this car in the design of the yacht. Then there are other details that are related to its design, such as the front and rear lights, the Y shapes in several elements of the yacht, the extensive use of carbon fibre materials.”

Yet the project went beyond a simple replica. We didn’t want to replicate a car,” continues Campanino, “because what we were interested in was transposing the iconic and most identifiable lines of the Siàn and part of the brand’s heritage into a yacht, excluding anything that isn’t necessary or compatible with a yacht. The 63 is a Lamborghini!”

As German designer Mitja Borkert anticipated, on an aesthetic level the centre of gravity of the lines passes through the Ys and hexagons that make up the entire boat, from the hard-top uprights to the windows in the side. These signs have been in Lamborghini’s design language from the very beginning, starting with models such as the Miura and Marzal. The same shapes that recur in ‘futurism’. Their secret lies in being balanced signs that make it possible to create purist lines. 

For example, a boat like the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 stands out for its open, sloping stern. But is this choice dictated by a purely functional need or also an aesthetic one? “The open stern,” says Campanino, “is a functional requirement in the technical sense, but it is also a pleasure as it creates an excellent platform for bathing and makes it easier to use water toys and access from the tender or in port, as it is equipped with a transformer.

This is designed both as a gangway for embarking/disembarking and as a ladder for access to the sea, a real convenience! From a purely aesthetic point of view, the line that descends towards the stern is reminiscent of the rear of Lamborghini cars, as are the diamond-shaped hexagonal lines of the side windows, the nose/bow inspired by the profile of a shark and the new icon, the “Y” shape present in various points of the yacht.

When you think of a sports boat, comfort often takes a back seat. This is because balancing speed with comfort is certainly not an easy job. In this case, comfort was a key point in the development of the project. 

High performance,” says Campanino, “shouldn’t be allowed to compromise on-board comfort and the possibility of using the yacht for more moderate cruising, because you don’t always have to go to the max! So there’s plenty of space for seating and sunbathing, handles and safety belts to ensure safety at high speed, and generous dimensions below deck in keeping with the shape of the high-performance hull.

The first Tecnomar for Lamborghini yacht also marked the first collaboration between the artistic director of The Italian Sea Group and German designer Mitja Borkert. It was the first time,” comments Campanino, “and I must admit that working closely with a designer with his experience and talent was very formative and exciting; the collaboration was immediately very intense and passionate, as both parties wanted to create something unique and never done before; it was a crescendo of ideas and the final design aspect came very spontaneously because the intentions were the same: to give life to a 100% Lamborghini!”

In order to create a full-fledged sports boat that would respect the Lamborghini DNA without compromise, it wasn’t just a matter of aesthetic design choices. What was also needed was naval architecture derived from those who dialogue daily with high speed. What better partner, then, than Brunello Acampora’s Victory Design?

It took two years for Acampora and his team of specialists to design a double-step hull derived from the world of racing that would allow safe, easy handling and monstrous performance, as demonstrated by the 63-knot top speed and 40-knot cruising speed. As we were saying, the same characteristics of a Lamborghini on the road, transposed to the water. Not only the hull, but also the engines, two MAN V12s of 2000 horsepower each that are combined with T Drive by Flexitab surface drives, supplied by Tonissi Marine.

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