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The 93 metre Oniric by Castello Giordano

Designed by Francesco Castello and Paolo Giordano, Oniric is a 93-metre yacht clothed in taut military vessel-inspired lines with a slightly rounded and reversed bow that imbues it great elegance.

The superstructure has a central area with a single continuous glass window that is the height of three decks and feels like a designer take on the US Navy’s Stealth destroyers.   

There is much to recommend this interesting yacht. The upper deck is entirely given over to the owner as is the trend of the moment and there are also infinity pools on either side of the main deck.

The water from them seems to cascade over the sides of the vessel but is actually very cleverly recovered and reused. The inside lift that connects all the decks is also surrounded by a panoramic double spiral staircase. Last but not least, there is a floodable garage in the beach club.   

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