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The Castagnola Heritage 9.9

The Heritage 9.9 was born from an original idea by Gabriele Maestri, actual holder of Castagnola Yacht. Castagnola Yacht is based in Lavagna, Italy and was founded in 1974 by Giovanni Castagnola. Over the years, Castagnola has become famous for quality and the beauty of its wooden boats. Gabriele Maestri, Giovanni’s grandson, was passed on the secrets of his trade, then took over the Shipyard in the last years and became a master shipwright (“maestro d’ascia”).

After careful market analysis, Gabriele saw the need for an entirely new kind of boat, one that would combine tradition and innovation, featuring characteristics which are not there in already existing products. 
His vision was for a very exclusive, custom made, wood and carbon fibre construction, designed for discerning clients looking for a unique, timeless beautiful boat that combines aesthetic excellence with top quality construction methods.

Castagnola Heritage 9.9 is and easy to use and maintain boat, offering high levels of on board comfort while also respecting the environment. Hand crafting, high quality, a blend of tradition and innovation and a timeless design: those are the key words behind both the Nauta design and the construction of the new Castagnola Heritage 9.9. 

By combining traditional shipbuilding skills with the latest technology, Gabriele Maestri personally developed and patented the construction technique used  for the Castagnola Heritage 9.9: Wood in Tech Skin (WTS). WTS bonds wood with carbon fibre or fiberglass (materials with complementary characteristics) to obtain an unparalleled shipbuilding material. While retaining its natural beauty, carbon clad natural wood is environmentally friendly and efficient to use over time. In fact, WTS-built hulls are lightweight, sturdy and seaworthy yet durable and easy to maintain. 

Castagnola’s strip-built construction method starts from solid mahogany planks that are clad using WTS technology in a thin layer of epoxy infused carbon fibre. The frames are in ash that is epoxy-infused using a Wet Epoxy Saturation Technique (WEST) that waterproofs them. These frames are then reinforced with marine-grade mahogany plywood clamps. Interior structures are left visible and painted with water-based paint. 

Since the Heritage 9.9 was designed using 3D software, most parts can be precision cut using CAD technology. This highly precise and efficient process reduces preparation and production time while leaving the appeal of natural wood intact.  

As well as the construction process, also the design of the Heritage 9.9 is a harmonious combination of modern and classic, tradition and innovation. The exterior lines of the hull and the deck are clean and modern with full sections and vertical bow that express speed and strength. Timeless elegance is in details such as the polished teak siding on the wale, the aft platform, the mast and the side air vents. An harmonious balance between modern geometry and classic materials and details.

The old-fashioned quality of the construction methods really comes through in the interior where structural elements are left visible to show the natural elegance of their materials and create a classic seafaring effect. Volume is used wisely and spaces are distributed to their best advantage. The deep “V” shaped planing hull, designed by Francesco Rogantin’s Studio Names, has excellent performance characteristics. The hull shape was CFD tested and thanks to careful monitoring during the construction process the boat weighs less than 6 tons. 

With two 320HP Yanmar engines and equipped with pods, the Heritage 9.9 has a cruising speed of 34 knots, top speed of 40 knots and a range of 170 NM at 30 knots. Sea trials confirmed the Heritage 9.9’s smooth and stable movement through the water and its excellent maneuverability even at high speeds. The on board experience is stable, quiet and comfortable and the cockpit stays completely dry even in choppy conditions.

The engine room is easily accessible and has been carefully laid out to allow for efficient maintenance (the engines can be hauled out in less than half an hour). Owners can choose from a variety of propulsion systems, ranging from traditional shaft drives to hydrojets. 

Thanks to wood’s natural sound insulating qualities and to the smooth hull lines, the Heritage 9.9 is extremely quiet even at top speed: a feature which increase the on-board lifestyle quality and comfort, which will be very much appreciated by owners.

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