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The Kifaru’s fleet is growing

KifaruAfter the success of the Kifaru Baby Cantiere Navale Italia continues to expand the fleet of Kufaru’s and presents the Askari 657 HT in a state-of-the-art version – 19.9 meters in length and 6 meters wide.

A cruiser destined to top the gamma that will range from 43′ to 90′ in length. Kifaru Askari 657 is immediately identifiable as a part of the brand whose design characteristics come from the pen of the internationally famous designer Luca Dini: a fast boat, extremely muscular, with her unmistakable profile, completely built of Peraluman 5083 H111 aluminum and completely customizable. Both Open and Hard Top versions will be available.

Beam was a primary consideration in designing the Askari 657; six meters will provide a belowdecks livability equivalent to much larger yachts. The proposed layout foresees a large salon on the main deck that, thanks to the Hard Top configuration can be completely enclosed on all four sides and turn into a true internal habitat complete with air conditioning, or it can be left open, creating a fresh and sheltered living space that merges with the on-deck cockpit. Belowdecks we have the three double cabins – the owner’s is forward – each with its own bathroom, and a full equipped galley.

The fourth double cabin with bathroom has a separate entrance for use of two crew. In alternative to the proposed version, the yacht’s internal layout can be modified as desired, from one to three cabins, with a separate housing module for the crew. Regarding performance, for the Askari 657 an extremely powerful propulsion is foreseen, over 1,500 hp, with the possibility to choose between either in-line or Arneson transmissions. Combined with her high performance hull, a top speed of around 45 knots is foreseen.

Nico Laude, a founding member of Cantiere Navale Italia, explains with satisfaction: “This year, after being bought by Cantiere Navale Italia, Kifaru Yachts opened a new facility in Carrara and fully entered into the circle of shipyards that, with their products, represent Italian excellence. The gamma and production are in full regime. I can only be satisfied by our choice of field, by this I mean the choice of extreme luxury and very high-end products, and by targeting quality above all.”



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