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The new issue is born. And it’s a brand new magazine!

In 2019, we are celebrating the fifth anniversary of Top Yacht Design’s launch. A major milestone that we are marking by ushering in some exciting changes. The first is to the format which is now larger to better showcase the quality of the images.  Top Yacht Design is also broadening the scope of its content. From this issue onwards, we’re adding the America’s Cup to our contents page. That event’s allure lies not just in its sporting values but also its role as an extraordinary research lab and testbench for leading-edge technologies and materials. We will also be discussing in-depth the changes being wrought in yacht design, listening too to the opinions of experts from other spheres, such as the car world, which has always been a source of endless inspiration for our world.   Our aim is to become the voice of cross-contamination because it is the only way that the nautical sector will find the creative energies and impetus to continue to progress and evolve. This was the message from Milan’s recent Design Week where sustainability was the central focus. The furnishing world has already stepped up to the mark, rethinking not just its production model but also its creative one. “The history of Italian design,” wrote Milan Triennale president Stefano Boeri in Corriere della Sera, “is a story of human and emotional relationships between entrepreneurs, designers and academics. It is not a cold matter of technologies, materials and forms.  If domestic appliance, homeware and urban design can help us win the battle against climate change it is because design culture encapsulates the idea of collective intelligence like nothing else”. 

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