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The new website of Top Yacht Design is finally online

After 7 years, the Top Yacht Design website gets renewed.

Innovations include a new graphic design and a home page where images are an absolute priority, in order to give emotions even before information since design is, above all, emotion.  On the home page, the user can feel free to let himself be guided by instinct in choosing what to read about and explore. The home page is more user-friendly because it offers all the latest publications on a single page, regardless of the category they belong to, and allows the user to read the previous ones with a simple click on the selected category from those in the menu. 

The categories are:

  • Interiors, where the newly launched boats are presented, with special focus on interiors;
  • Projects, with the most innovating and interesting yacht design projects of the market;
  • Trends, with the latest news about prizes, yacht launches and special initiatives;
  • Destinations, with ideas and tips to visit the world without losing sight of the design;
  • Innovation, because design cannot be separated from innovation;
  • Portraits, with our interviews with internationally-known yacht designers and young talents;

Last but not least, “ Sea Time by Top Yacht Design” is a category reserved for sea-related watches, with all the news from Italian and international watchmakers. 

Of course, all the articles published over the last 7 years continue to be available in the archive of each category and can be searched through the lens button.

Enjoy it!

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