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Wider 165 wins at the World Superyacht Awards 2019

The Wider 165 Cecilia is the winner of the “Displacement motor yacht between 300 and 499GT – 48m and above” category at the World Superyachts Awards 2019.

According to the judges: “Cecilia was a yacht that points the way to the future with one of her most significant aspects being a propulsion system in which diesel generators drive electric-powered motors fitted to azipods located at the stern of the vessel. 

While many yachts in the past have employed this propulsion system, few have taken full advantage of its flexibility by positioning the engine room in the bows, thus releasing the prime midships area of the lower deck for accommodation – a purpose for which it is ideally suited. This layout also means that the crew quarters, which are spacious for a yacht of this size, have also been moved further aft where motion is less pronounced.”

Not only the technical aspect has been taken into consideration, but also her advanced, forward-looking design and her float-in tender dock, which carries a tender and a submersible and, when these are launched and the twin side doors opened, this area becomes a most desirable beach club.

Wider is not new to International recognitions, as it won multiple awards either by World Superyacht Awards either by Design & Innovation Awards and now, her big sister Cecilia, confirmed the expectations once again with this prestigious award.

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