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YBreeze 75 the super daysailer by Cossutti Ganz

Designed by Maurizio Cossutti, Alessandro Ganz with their team, the YBreeze 75 is a super daysailer with a simple and clean design, for the YYachts shipyard. A 23-metre yacht dedicated to those seeking comfort and tranquility and to those seeking maximum performance and fun. (Here all our posts about Cossutti yacht design)

YBreeze 75
The new super daysailer YBreeze 75 by Cossutti-Ganz for Yyachts.

The birth of YBreeze 75

“Why do we prefer motorboats to sailboats?”. From this question asked by Michael Schmidt founder of YYachts and before that of the Hanse shipyard to Maurizio Cossutti and Alessandro Ganz the YBreeze 75 project started. Designed for an owner who loves the simplicity and comfort of motor boats but does not want to give up the magic of sailing, the YBreeze 75 fully responds with its synthesis of innovation, performance and fun.

An artist’s vision of the YBreeze 75 shows the comfort of the upper deck.

The essence of YBreeze 75

Design simplicity, comfort and fun. These are the four words in which the spirit of YBreeze 75 is enclosed with the external lines barely marked by the low deckhouse and the trend of the sheeelines that join the particular bow that distinguishes the hulls of YYachts. A spacious cockpit, with separate areas for crew and guests and the possibility of lowering the stern bulwarks together with the transformable platform with integrated descent into the sea and the large garage which can also become a games room for the youngest, the many peculiarities of the new Cossutti-Ganz project. To all this is added the safety that comes from the particular design of the bulwarks which eliminates pulpits, stanchions and lifelines, giving a safe and protected walkway area along the entire deck.

The particular design of the bulwarks eliminates the need for pulpits and chandeliers.

A yacht dedicated to automation

The new YYachts super daysailer adds a high technological level to the refined carbon fiber construction, the powerful sail plan (190 m2 of sail area), the waterballasts that optimize performance and add comfort. The YBreeze 75 is in fact equipped with a fully automated electric sail control system, which allows management even with a small crew thanks to the automation of the self-tacking jib and the automatic furlers for Code 0 and Gennaker. A special App developed by YYachts also allows remote control of some details of the boat, such as the hatches that can be opened and closed remotely.

On the YBreeze 75, the area aft of the wheelhouses has become a real large terrace overlooking the sea.

Refined interiors

Wendover Studio has developed an interior proposal for YBreeze 75 – which can be completely personalized in the YYachts tradition – organized over three cabins and three bathrooms in name of an aesthetic inspired by the Mediterranean style thanks to a mix of practicality and elegance and a careful selection of materials that are not only light but above all sustainable and easily washable, thus combining elegance and respect for the environment.

A glimpse of the living area in Wendover Studio’s proposal for the YBreeze 75

YBreeze 75 witnesses a passion

The choice made in the materials for the interior also continues in the auxiliary engine which can be full-electric or 100 HP diesel powered by synthetic fuel. A series of choices that make it possible to significantly reduce the boat’s environmental impact, while guaranteeing high performance and a comfortable sailing experience aboard a super daysailer like the YBreeze 75 as explained by Maurizio Cossutti and Alessandro Ganz: “It is a great testimony to our passion for design and innovation in the world of sailboats”.

Emilio Martinelli

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