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ZeRo the new concept by Sorgiovanni Design

ZeRo is an astonishing new futuristic concept, hydrogen-powered, proposed by Sorgiovanni Design (Here all our posts on Sorgiovanni Design).

This hydrogen-powered 96m is wonderfully futuristic. She is not one of those yachts with an overly complex design whose only function is to dazzle rather than deliver practicality, engineering possibilities and genuine safety.


«When I designed ZeRO, I had an elegant, minimalist form in mind with a soft, compact superstructure. The look is futuristic but also has a timeless elegance with the hull hugging the superstructure. Oval windows of various sizes are integrated into the hull and configured for different layouts based on the client’s preferences,” explains Sam Sorgiovanni.


ZeRO has a state-of-the-art propulsion system that, combined with her ultra-efficient lines, will deliver superb performance with no environmental impact. It uses hydrogen tanks, hydrogen fuel cells and electric motors together with a battery storage system. The propulsion system is designed to be upgraded as technologies advance, ensuring ZeRo will always remain at the leading edge. 

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