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Bringing marble aboard

Good news for those who love the warmth of natural stone as a decoration! Today you can also use it to decorate your own boat!

Zunino Marmi created a lighter version of marble with a sophisticated technology that allows to apply the precious panels on light aluminum supports with a carbon filter or a lightweight version of resin. The supports are light and stiff and they offer a high performance resistance. In addition, the environmental solutions reached with this special kind of marble are perfect, as it is impossible to notice the difference with the traditional kind.

The technology used by Zunino Marmi allows the use of this material in situations that were considered impracticable before when considering yachts or small aircrafts. Floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens and all kinds of furnishings are tailor-made. The choice between the different kinds of marble is vast. They come in many colors, without neglecting the ones in granite, onyx, quartzite and slate.
Compositions and decorations with different colors of marble are possible thanks to the high quality of the cuts applied on the surface.



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