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CRN 60th Anniversary: a future oriented story

Sixty years. An important milestone. Of that there is no doubt. But this anniversary provides a pretext to go beyond the logic of simple celebration. It is worthwhile not to always look ahead but, on the contrary, to look back. Only in this way can one fully understand how these 60 years are dense with content. Yes, because it is not just the story of a brand but of a truly important piece of the Italian nautical industry. Here, too, let me add another useful element for further reflection.

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CRN is the most luminous example, in nautical terms, of that Marche model that has contributed to bringing prestige to Italian-made products. But there is no model without the human factor, which, in the case of CRN, has a reference name: Sanzio Nicolini. It is to his vision and intuition to use steel as a construction material that we owe the success of a brand that since 1963 has made innovation its stylistic feature and most distinctive trait. A vision, Nicolini’s, that intersected with that of other unique personalities gave rise to one-of-a-kind creations.

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Starting with Carlo Riva for whom CRN built two historic boats such as Marco Polo and Vespucci. But the Ancona shipyard has also been the place where the ideas and creativity of the best minds in Italian and international yacht design have found their most authoritative representation. CRN’s Hall of Fame includes, Jon Bannenberg, Paola Smith, Studio Zuccon International Project, Nuvolari Lenard, Gerhard Gilgenast and Terence Disdale. Six decades that represent not the point of arrival but of departure towards a future in which CRN will play a leading role once again. (Here all our posts about CRN)

Matteo Zaccagnino

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