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Fiart: world premiere in Cannes for the Seawalker 43 Panorama

Fiart will be showing its entire Seawalker range in Cannes, including the Seawalker 43 in the Panorama version, the latest addition from the Fiart house designed to make walkaround boats perfect even for longer cruises. The new version appears as a world preview to the international public with many pluses that make it welcoming and comfortable: a large glass front windshield, which guarantees aerodynamics and optimized visibility and a hard top, which closes off the frontal area, allowing dry and sheltered navigation, however open in the lateral areas to guarantee a perfect passage of air. New details and finishes embellish the external spaces, which maintain an essential but refined design. Foreseeing a greater use of the cabins, the sleeping areas too have been enriched with new essences, fabrics and details, to give the owner and his guests maximum comfort. (Here all our posts about Fiart)


Fiart: each Seawalker43 will be unique

Each Seawalker 43 Panorama will be unique and special thanks to a singular additional “fitting”. It is a painting set in the back of the headboard of the owner’s cabin, created as a unique work for each boat, by the President of Fiart Annalaura di Luggo, an international multimedia and pictorial artist, who created the series “Trajectories: south, north, east and west”.

Annalaura di Luggo, tecnica mista su tavola incisa, 2023 [1]

The works are obtained on stratified wooden boards, made with wood scraps from numerical control machines, nailed and engraved, martyrs of construction site work in which Annalaura di Luggo interprets paths that become maps, horizontal, vertical, oblique paths: paths of fantasy where the color, now earthy, now ethereal like white clouds, invites us to travel, to discover, suspended between sea and sky. A decidedly unique panorama to be enjoyed on board your own boat.


The Seawalker39

The novelties also concern the Seawalker 39, which in Cannes will be exhibited in one of the Bespoke versions, a project very dear to Fiart, which dedicates its craftsmanship and its know-how to its customers, making them protagonists.

The project provides that each owner will be able to choose from a wide range of colours, combinations, finishes and partly even the configuration of the interiors, to have a unique boat that represents himself and his universe.


It will be possible to choose the layout from those proposed by the shipyard, introducing completely peculiar elements – such as the lateral folding gunwale installed on the boat exhibited in Cannes – the color of the hull, the T-Top and accessories, the type and colors of teak, internal and external upholstery, fabrics, quilting, stitching.

Instead, what will remain ‘standard’ is the extreme functionality of SW39, a model designed down to the smallest detail for a perfect division of spaces in 12.60 meters overall, which can accommodate 12 people at sea and 4 for the night.

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