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Feadship Project 3099

Unstoppable Feadship The Dutch shipyard has recently introduced a new extraordinary concept destined to revolutionize the world of yacht design. Project 3099 is, in fact, one of the most futuristic concepts of the shipyard, recently unveiled during the Feadship Unveils, a YouTube series where a new concept is unveiled at every episode. Featuring extremely rounded lines, this 90-meter yacht has large glass surfaces and was designed for a Middle Eastern client who was looking for something definitely out of the box.

The entire design of the project starts from the bow, which is clearly inspired by the one of the 72-meter Predator and distinguished by a very aggressive look and extraordinary performance. The rest of the lines follow the forward momentum and emphasize it with the large aft terraces and the flared line that runs along the entire forward part of the hull. Project 3099 offers large well-refined outdoor spaces as well as large glass surfaces for an instant contact with the sea. The idea of a lunar pool amidships has also been considered.

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