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Liquid roads

One of the latest follies: underwater or hydrofoil amphibious cars. These toys certainly don’t go unnoticed and they are no longer an exclusive accessory reserved for James Bond.

With the arrival of the sQuba, manufactured by the Swiss company Rinspeed, we can finally experience a car that is capable of flying underwater. This vehicle, powered by three electric motors and biodegradable fuel, can travel on land at a maximum speed of 120 km/h and is able to move on water at a speed of 6km/h (or 3km/h at the maximum depth of 10 meters).

The Rinspeed ‘Splash’ model flies on the surface of the water with a speed of 45 knots, thanks to the hydrofoils that are found under the shell. Rinspeed Splash is a car for all purposes (it can reach 200 km/h on land) that, with a push of  a button, can turn into a powerful hydrofoil. It established the world record in 2006 after crossing The English Channel in three hours. 
A hydraulic system controls the retractable wings that allow this car to rise up on the surface of the water. An ecological propellant gas is used as fuel and it can unleash a power of 103.04 kW.



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