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Mondomarine’s new project: M70 Arte

During the MYS 2016, Mondomarine has unveiled the M70 Arte project, the new 70m penned by Stefano Inglese Vafiadis from Giorgio Vafiadis & Associates.


The lines that define the exteriors are strong and simple and they decompose well the volumes (thanks also to the large usage of glass) giving the sensation of a much sleeker boat of the same volume.

The yacht’s focal points are two: the vast beach club which dialogues with the aft side of the hull creating the distinctive transom silhouette and, second, the wheel house that is located on the bridge deck inside the glass shell.


The glass shell is one of the main characteristic of the boat: it gives  the feeling that the height is much lower thanks to the fact that visually the eye stops on the last white stripe, that is underneath it.

Arte has a huge collection of exterior accommodations that start with the splendid beach club reaching the climax on the fly, with panoramic lounge and jacuzzi and the owner external salon, with a scenographic stretched pool.


The fly area is also adored by an interesting design element: the support of the mast, 2 distinctive grey mullions, holding and the sides the domes antennas, are located on the bridge deck, weather you wold expect them directly on the fly bridge (like most of the boats), thanks to this feature we have the impressione that Arte profile finishes one deck before, leaving at the same time enough space to the guest ti have a stunning usage of the fly area.


The beach club is well connected to embarkation and the guest area by a straight corridor that cuts the garage and the engine room. Thanks to this very practical solution the circulation inside the boat is very efficient. There are two salons on the main and upper deck, not of them with two circular spectacular dining areas, one almost completely openable.


The interior spaces are surrounded by deck to ceiling glasses that fade the boundaries between exterior and interior. M70 Arte can host up to 12 passengers welcomed in 7,8 or 9 cabins, depending on the version.


All of them, excluding the owner, are placed on the main deco with huge glasses and private balconies. The owner headquarter is extensive, on his private deck, with a study, her/his bathroom and closet, and, most important, an amazing external panoramic space just outside the round glass of his bedroom.

The fore lower deck is dedicated to the crew area with a layout offering from 10 to 12 cabins for up to 24 members.

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