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Nauta and the Moonflower’s 72 genesis

First announced in May 2022 the Moonflower 72 project by Nauta Design currently under construction at Wider Superyacht Hub in Porto Marghera, Venice, showcase the design’s crisp and uncluttered lines and innovative beach club arrangement. (Here all our posts about Nauta Design)


100 per cent Nauta

“The style language behind Moonflower 72 is typical of our design philosophy at Nauta,” says co-founder Mario Pedol. “An imposing steel and aluminium superyacht equipped with latest generation of the Wider serial hybrid propulsion system, the exterior design is based on the holistic and balanced combination of style and comfort with pure, elegant lines and a harmonious connection between exterior and interior”.


The overall aesthetic instills a decisive personality and expressive force, but also a sense of peace and freedom. This stylistic language plays on the synthesis of male and female forms while remaining firmly anchored in the demands of buildability and functionality. Not forgetting ‘The Island’tm, the innovative beach club concept patented by Nauta Design.


Comprising multiple fold-down platforms that expand the swim platform and beach club to cover a massive 117 sqm.

giuliana fratnik

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