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Officina Baglietto, to project the Baglietto brand into the future

Officina Baglietto was born and, for the first time in the history of design, boating was to be the muse for other sectors. (Here all our posts about Baglietto)

Baglietto has always been mentioned among the most prestigious brands in the field, it has made the history of boating combining its experience with the most distinguished protagonists of the modern and contemporary world. 

The Baglietto seagull – traditionally linked to Gabriele D’Annunzio – crossed history and continents becoming an ambassador of Made in Italy in the world. A style icon able to find its space also outside the nautical sector, establishing itself as a global brand, generating and inspiring garments, products and furniture collections.

Officina Baglietto

Officina Baglietto: an ambitious project that becomes an opportunity

An ambitious project that Baglietto did not decide to take individually or to give to a specific designer, but to interpret as an opportunity to open itself to the talent of young creatives. 

In view of its 170th anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2024, Baglietto is preparing itself to leave a mark on the design world by launching “Officina Baglietto”: a talent garden aimed to identify, train, and specialize the young generations of creatives in the luxury market through 4 training programs dedicated to fashion, jewelry, furnishings and of course, nautical. 

Officina Baglietto

A top-notch poker

Four programs in contiguous and complementary worlds to boating will include the collaboration with illustrious protagonists of the field: the fashion area was born from the collaboration with Tiziana Fausti and 10 Corso Como; the product design sector is under Nicolas Bewick, Architecture Art Director at the renowned studio AMDL Circle, the jewelry with Rosa Maria Villani –  coordinator and in charge of the School of the Art and of the Medal for the Polygraphic Institute and State Mint  – , while the boating area involves Francesco Paszkowski, for over thirty years the reference designer of Baglietto shipyards.

The project is curated by YACademy, a design academy based in Bologna, qualified among the most prestigious post-graduate institutes at an international level. 

Officina Baglietto
10 Corso Como

Officina Baglietto: applications by October

The applications for the project will end within October and the project will start in December 2023: first, there will be a training period for the selected talents in La Spezia, to later move to the partner firms (Milan, Rome, Florence), for an intensive design phase aimed to spread the brand Baglietto to  the world of fashion, design, furnishing, boating. The best creatives will have the opportunity to be evaluated to follow up on their ideas through a collaboration with the shipyard or other luxury brands. Spring 2024 will welcome the 170 years of Baglietto with new and original ideas for collections inspired by it, to write down a new chapter of the historical nautical boatyard.

Officina Baglietto is supported by Marine Interiors, Marine di Loano, CGT.

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