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Sanlorenzo launched the “Captains’ Academy”

From November 26 to 30, Sanlorenzo launched the ‘Captains’ Academy’which took place at the shipyards premises.

The training course for captains and techniciansfrom all over the world, aims to bring participants closer to the world of Sanlorenzo. Small groups followed carefully, step by step, with the aim of providing them with theoretical and practical skills that allow them to get know the products and services offered by the company.


Sanlorenzo-Captains Academy

As well as the more technical training, there will also be a course on hospitality given with the help of 5-star industry expert consultants to provide captains and technicians with a series of key, fundamental skills on board. Five days immersed in shipyard life, that will allow captains and technicians to be able in the future to propose themselves to Sanlorenzo boat owners, guaranteeing them a perfect knowledge of the company’s products, certified by a certificate of participation assigned once the course is completed.

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