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Santa Maria Magnolfi pens the 43 Explorer Sportfisherman for Baglietto

Baglietto commissioned Valentina Magnolfi and Federico Santa Maria of Santamaria Magnolfi Studio to pen the Sportfisherman version of the 43 Explorer presented at the Monaco Yacht Show just last year.

The two boats will share strong yet not overly aggressive waterlines that feature the Milan studio’s signature interplay of sharp angles and soft forms.

The interior décor will not change either and will focus on neutrals enlivened with touches of light turquoise.

What has changed radically, however, is the aft section of the main deck.

In the classic version, this houses a helipad on the cockpit cover which called for side walls to enclose that part of the hull, limiting its usefulness for al fresco living and relaxing.

The sportfisherman version does away with the helipad, thus opening up the aft cockpit on three sides to offer a sheltered yet panoramic relaxation area that will delight at all latitudes.  

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