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Slam and the world of regattas

From the America’s Cup to The Grand Finale via the 151 Miglia: SLAM’s activity in the world of regattas knows no rest. (Here all our posts about SLAM)

Austrian Ocean Racing powered by Team Genova. @StefanLeitner

Slam gets on board The Ocean Race Sprint

And so, after the announcement at the beginning of the year that saw the brand make headlines for becoming the official clothing supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand for the next America’s Cup, the spotlight has once again shone on Slam, which has made its presence official alongside the VO65 Austrian Ocean Racing-Team Genova. Engaged in The Ocean Race Sprint, the boat that also races under the colours of the Ligurian capital is part of the fleet of yachts that have already played a leading role in the last edition of the round-the-world stage sailing race and are now engaged in a series of inshore and offshore races that have enriched The Ocean Race with content. Together with the Imoca 60s that have battled it out in all the round-the-world stages, the VO65s are expected in Genoa for the final leg of the event. 

Austrian Ocean Racing powered by Team Genova. @StefanLeitner

Genoa and Slam

A special moment for a city whose name is closely linked to the history of SLAM. “Sharing this sporting challenge of excellence with Genoa – states Enrico Chieffi, the brand’s CEO – represents for us an exceptional opportunity of international presence and synergy with the city and the territory. The stories of Genoa and SLAM are deeply connected.

Enrico Chieffi

Genoa’s cultural heritage, its identity, and its millenary traditions as a city of the sea are at the basis of the birth and development of SLAM, which was founded in 1979 in Genoa and where we have maintained our historical headquarters. I therefore had no doubts, already during the first meeting with Mayor Marco Bucci several months ago, in confirming our involvement in this challenge, which sees us at the forefront alongside the institutions and the Genoa The Grand Finale 2022-23 project to make a decisive contribution to the success of The Ocean Race, which will end in the Mediterranean and in an Italian city for the first time in its history. A unique opportunity.

Fast and Furio Slam

A pride for the city too

Chieffi’s words were echoed by those of the mayor of the Ligurian capital, Marco Bucci, whose role has been decisive in bringing the final stage to the Mediterranean and to Italy for the first time in the year celebrating the 50th anniversary of the round-the-world sailing race in stages. Mr. Bucci himself declared: “SLAM is a historic Genoese brand that since 1979 has been taking our city’s indissoluble bond with sailing and the sea all over the world: a reality that is deeply rooted in the territory and that even today has demonstrated its willingness to honour its origins by racing from stage to stage alongside Team Genoa.

Austrian Ocean Racing powered by Team Genova.@StefanLeitner

Supporting the role of our city in an international event such as The Ocean Race represents for us a commitment of great value as well as further relevant evidence of how the collaboration between administration, private individuals, sponsors and local companies can lead to excellent results. We look forward to seeing you in Genoa. Good wind!”

Arca SGR

In pole position also at the 151-mile Cetilar Trophy

But in addition to the America’s Cup and The Ocean Race, the Ligurian brand has also distinguished itself aboard Arca SGR by dressing the Fast and Furio Sailing Team crew that came second in real time at the 151 Miglia Trofeo Cetilar. Not to mention the palmares of victories, starting with the one recently signed by Nicolò Renna in the IQ Foil Championship in Patras, won in the Olympic classes thanks to the partnership with the Italian Sailing Federation. The sea and sailing are confirmed to be an extraordinary laboratory and a useful platform for developing materials and solutions from which the collections designed for a more urban street use also benefit. Always thinking of the sea and with an eye to the environment.

Matteo Zaccagnino

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