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Tankoa Project Stardust presented at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Tankoa Yachts has joined forces with The Yacht Mogul, a leading influencer in the luxury yachting industry, to create the extraordinary Stardust project. This collaboration has resulted in the birth of a yacht that seamlessly blends graceful lines, and a bold, sporty character, making it a highly distinctive vessel in the world of luxury yachting.

Stardust embodies sheer elegance, stretching an impressive 63 meters in length and beckoning guests to embark on an unparalleled celestial journey from the very moment they step aboard. (Here all our posts about Tankoa)

The core of Tankoa Stardust Project

At the core of the Stardust project was the shipyard’s ambition to achieve perfect harmony between interior and exterior spaces, surpassing the research and design experimentation conducted on the existing Tankoa fleet. In the pursuit of this vision, emerging designers were invited to participate in a competition.

The winning design, crafted by Abbasli Design Studio, perfectly matched with the boutique shipyard Tankoa’s ethos. The project was then meticulously refined and improved, resulting in a bespoke masterpiece. For the interior, Giuseppina Arena brought her extensive experience to the table, seamlessly aligning her designs with the project’s concept.


“We are thrilled with the results of this project,” said Guido Orsi, Marketing Manager at Tankoa Yachts. “It’s a testament to the perfect collaboration between Tankoa, The Yacht Mogul, and our talented design partners. The Stardust yacht is a superyacht of magical proportions, promising an unforgettable experience onboard.”


Expansive beach club and spa

Stardust key features include an expansive beach club and spa, complete with a sprawling central pool. The Owner’s Cabin, designed to be spacious and prestigious, encompasses the entire upper deck, which includes a private pool, sunbeds, and a helipad. All guest cabins are located on the main deck, underlining the importance placed on guest comfort, with a full-beam VIP suite for added luxury. Large, full-height windows provide abundant natural light and offer breathtaking panoramic views.


Tankoa Stardust: sleek lines and a striking “S” shape

The exterior of Stardust is characterized by sleek lines and a striking “S” shape that effortlessly guides the gaze towards the expansive beach area, where a magnificent main pool takes center stage. The Beach Area is nothing short of an impressive hub of enjoyment, boasting a vast environment featuring the central pool and foldable platforms extending gracefully over the water. This seamlessly connects to the wellness club which included an indoor gym and a spa, creating a captivating and versatile space.


For the owner’s exclusive indulgence, a second pool is nestled at the bow of the upper deck, conveniently accompanied by a helipad for easy access. As the sun sets, Stardust undergoes a remarkable transformation into an interstellar spaceship, adorned with twinkling lights that create an enchanting atmosphere, carrying guests to another dimension.


One of the yacht’s most unique and distinctive features is the Crow’s Nest, elegantly perched on the Wheelhouse Deck. It offers an unparalleled vantage point for panoramic views and observations, while an open-air lounge in front of the wheelhouse provides a luxurious setting for observing the mesmerizing seascape or indulging in celestial stargazing.

An Apex Garage

In addition to these remarkable features, the yacht also boasts a spacious Atex Garage designed to store tenders, ensuring that every aspect of your maritime journey remains exceptional.
The interiors themselves are a testament to sophistication, modernity, and harmony, inviting a multitude of interpretations and offering a personality that is both subtle and distinct.


Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows adorn every area, ensuring panoramic views and infusing both the decks and the guest cabins with an abundance of natural light. With accommodations fit for royalty, Stardust offers a total of five guest cabins, including an exceptionally spacious full-beam VIP suite, all conveniently located on the main deck


Tankoa Stardust owner suite

The owner’s suite impresses. This expansive private sanctuary commands the entire upper deck, shining like the brightest star in the universe. The owner’s bedroom opens to a private pool at the bow, offering captivating views that stretch beyond imagination. 


Excellence is synonymous with Tankoa Yachts, and the Stardust project is no exception to this ethos. It stands as a testament to the yard unwavering commitment to continuous progress and innovation in the world of luxury yachting.

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