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The AmaSea 84

The AmaSea 84 is the first design from AmaSea Yachts, a new arrival on the nautical scene that specialises in aluminium catamarans with three rather than the conventional two decks.

Designed to have a transatlantic range, the cats feature special cells for composting waste so that they can stay out at sea for at least six weeks at a time.  Production runs will be limited but quality will be extremely high with owners also able to fully personalise the interiors. Having that extra deck makes for much greater flexibility in layout terms too.

The master suite, for instance, can be located either on the main or the lower deck. The hulls will have structural reinforcements so that the cats can confidently negotiate seas in even the most extreme latitudes.  The 25-metre AmaSea 84 is currently in build with a launch date at the end of 2020. 

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