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The Lady of the Wind

A three-masted sailing ship, a gala dinner and Piazza San Marco in the background like a frame. This is how life aboard the Signora del Vento (Lady of the Wind) prepares for an exclusive event. 

85 meters long with an outdoor deck of 600 square meters. You can organise a four day-long cruise, accommodating up to 58 guests who can comfortably stay in the 27 cabins that the ship offers. Today, the ship operates in the Mediterranean Sea for exclusive cruises and important events.
La Signora del Vento was launched in Poland in 1962 and, for 20 years, has operated in the northern seas as cargo. In the 90’s its destiny changed and it became a sailboat for luxury charter and it was certified as a training ship. Aboard La Signora del Vento, the crew is able to meet any need, providing excellent assistance for the organised events. From SPA and beauty treatments to business events, with activities on board and on land.

Cecilia de Michele is the mind behind the events on board. Her relationship with the sea starts from a very young age. Cecilia has always sailed, either alone or with her father, the man who passed on his passion for the sea to her daughter.  Her life changed a few years ago, when she was supposed to leave for Miami after her graduation. She received a phone call from Andrea, a friend she met while diving in Egypt who also happens to be the commander of La Signora del Vento. The phone call went more or less like this: “Hello Cecilia, I need you on La Signora del Vento. We need a young person that can look after the organisation of the events on the ship. We will wait for your response when you come back from the States”.
At that time, Cecilia, (with a law degree and a safe spot for a Masters at Luiss University), had to choose between a life in the office or a life out to sea, travelling the world on a sailing ship.  Even if the choice seems really tough, Cecilia made her decision and she got on board as soon as she got back from Florida. Cecilia was immediately involved in the restoration of the ship, working in the yard and keeping track of the work that had to be done. She had many ideas, especially for the furnishings of the interiors. Before handling the long term operational management, Cecilia followed La Signora del Vento in a few cruises, to understand the dynamics and the organisation on board. When she came back, she started working, becoming substantially the commercial manager of the ship, promoting it to luxury charter, gala evenings on board and business events. The ship has a full agenda now, thanks to the tenacity of this great and young sailor.


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