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“When I set sail from the harbour and go out on my sailboat, I enter another space-time dimension. What fascinates me most is the panorama: on dry land, if you look around, the horizon is always chaotic, full of buildings or mountains; in the middle of the sea, on the other hand, the horizon line is open, free, clean and psychologically everything changes”.

Mario Cucinella ©Giovanni Gastel

Architect, designer, and above all a lover of the sea, Mario Cucinella, as he told Top Yacht Design, has always cultivated a dream: to give shape to his idea of a boat. There must be a reason why when you move from the land to the liquid element, reasoning always takes a quantum leap. It takes little to understand why.

The boat is a tool that helps us look at the world with new eyes. Make no mistake, what we imagined we already knew, be it a bay, a coastline, an island, looks different if we observe it from the perspective of the sea. It always has the power to amaze us, to give us unexpected emotions. For those who use it, the boat has the extraordinary power not only to generate emotions but to amplify them infinitely. For those who think and design it, it turns into an ark of ideas. It explores new concepts of living on the sea. It opens up new horizons.

The cover story of this issue confirms this. Starting with the photo that portrays not the usual outdoor view, the beach area or the sea-view living room. This time we wanted to be daring and chose the staircase on the Sanlorenzo SD118. An architectural element of extraordinary importance which, in this specific case, also becomes an object of design. This is not enough. Added to the formal and functional aspect is another, more conceptual one. On a metaphorical level, the staircase performs the task of relating several levels of reasoning.

The same objective that Top Yacht Design sets itself, whose editorial philosophy has, from the outset, been to chart new routes by establishing points of contact between apparently different and distant worlds. Like that of watchmaking, which through the Sea Time special combines the theme of time with that of the sea. The content dedicated to the world of hands and the topics covered in this edition confirm this.

They bring to light the ideas, the stories, the faces of men and women, sportsmen and women or managers whose physical and mental energies are stretched to push themselves further, whether it is to set a new record to beat or to find ever more innovative and avant-garde solutions to transfer into new timepieces. Here the sea once again becomes a source of stimulus of extraordinary importance. A precious lever to crown a dream, give life to an idea, conquer a record. But above all, to experience a profound emotion. Just like the sea. 

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