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The new Nerea Yacht NY40 is coming soon

Nerea Yachts’ first born NY24 finally has a big sister. The NY40 will receive its world premiere at September’s Festival del la Plaisance in Cannes. (Here all our posts about Nerea Yachts)

Like its sibling, this 12.19m will be a very sporty piece of work with a solid, high performance hull from the pen of Maurizio Zuccheri  of Zuccheri Yacht Design.

NY40, signed by IDEAEITALIA

The NY40’s exteriors are the work of Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini of IDEAEITALIA – clean, taut lines that feel almost sensual while large windows along the scooped-out sides lighten and streamline the profile. The “bonnet” has a racing car aesthetic too.


The NY40 and it’s beach house

The central cockpit references the exterior of a beach house while herringbone teak decking is a strong nod to tradition as is polished steel.


High level of personalisation

The NY40 offers plenty of scope for personalisation and very innovative materials, many highly sustainable, such as Oltremateria’s Oleomalta, a natural eco resin based on sunflower oil designed to cover, renovate or restore floors, walls, furniture and furnishings inside and out. It is used to highly decorative effect here.  


Nerea NY40, interiors for four guests

The interiors accommodate four guests and have plenty of storage space. The new model will be available in both Open or T-top version, and there will also be various inboard plus stern drive and outboard propulsion options too.  

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