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Vanguard by Sergio Cutolo

Designed by Sergio Cutolo to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his design studio – Hydrotec – Vanguard is a next-generation 65-meter yacht that goes beyond the current idea of “explorer”. “ The concept of Explorer Yacht has significantly evolved over the last 10 years”, explains Sergio Cutolo, “ that’s why I decided to put all the experiences of 25 years of design activity into a single project”. Based on a displacement hull, the hull is articulated on a number of decks difficult to define.

The “official” ones are three: the lower deck, with guest and crew cabins and beach club; the main deck, with saloon and master suite; and the upper deck with lounge. Added to these are the under lower deck, the sun deck and the flybridge. Lastly, there is the helipad on the upper deck. Despite this high number of decks, the imposing profile of the Vanguard is so sleek and streamlined that it would not be assigned more than two or three decks at most. The credit is of the stylistic tricks used by Sergio Cutolo and, above all, of his 25 years of experience. 

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