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Baglietto Rush, a winning masterpiece

Some superyachts are more courageous than others. And Rush, a Baglietto 42m launched a year ago, is one such craft, bolding going against the grain. (Here all our posts about Baglietto)


Going against the grain

Right now, slow cruising is the order of the day on the market with layouts pushed to new extremes of creativity. Rush, on the other hand, sports a planing hull that yields 28 knots with confidence and an exquisitely classic interior layout. And yet she is a huge success. So much so that a couple of months ago, she took home a Neptune at the World Superyacht Awards. 


Rush, exterior and interior design by Franscesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini

«The brief was very specific indeed,” explains Francesco Paszkowski who penned Rush’s exteriors as well as her interiors with Margherita Casprini. «The owner loves racing cars and came to Baglietto with a very clear idea of what his ideal boat was: he wanted a fast displacement yacht and to replace the traditional twin engine set-up with three smaller engines to reduce consumption and boost performance”. 


In nomen omen 

The name Rush alone says it all about the owner’s expectations as it’s a reference to the iconic 2013 film about the rivalry between the two most legendary drivers of their day, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. 


Baglietto Rush: a car-inspired yacht

Rush’s exterior is, unsurprisingly, car-inspired with the superstructure roof fairing in particular referencing the iconic lines of the Porsche 911. She has a long curve that runs aft from the base of the pilothouse and also a large carbon-fibre blade that has the look and feel of the rear wing on a sports car.

«Because the superstructure is spread over a deck and a half and the fly is enclosed, we managed to imbue the yacht with a sleekness that really does define the design,” continues Francesco Paszkowski.


The result is an elegant but uncompromisingly aggressive yacht with the low, wedge-shaped bow that has become a Baglietto styling cue. 


A return to planing roots

She also represents a return to Baglietto’s planing roots. That said, the hull is completely new. Designed by Plana Design, it is incredibly high performance – Rush can make 28 knots at full throttle thanks to her three MTU 16V 2000 M96 L engines with two traditional shaft line external drives and a VOITH linear jet central drive. Her stern door opens outward as do two side hatches to create a large swimming platform with sofas. Although she definitely goes against the current grain, Rush has worked her magic and Baglietto recently sold two other entirely custom fast yachts. 


Baglietto Rush: black is black 

Her interiors were penned by Francesco Paszkowski Design and Margherita Casprini, but owe much to the lady owner’s very confident choices. Strong lines and dark colours pick upon on the masculine energy of the exteriors. Black dominates, again referencing the gun metal hull livery.


«To soften it, however, we used ivory leather on the walls and played with random combinations of materials,” explains Casparini.  Some of the materials used aboard are quite unusual. The traditional marble has been replaced in marble-effect ceramic (Carrara white and black) both in the bathrooms and the saloon, for example. This also saves weight. “Even though the interiors have a masculine aesthetic, there is no ostentation. Quite the contrary – they are all about substance,” continues Casparini.


“We used a lot of big smoked mirrors and light-coloured furnishings to ensure that the dark walls weren’t too overpowering but could create a modern, aggressive overall look and guarantee consistency between the interiors and exteriors aboard a yacht that has turned light-touch minimalism into its signature”. Because as Coco Chanel liked to say: “Less is more”…

giuliana fratnik

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