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New VSY’s Waterecho in partnership with Siemens and Lloyd’s Register

During the last Monaco Yacht Show, VSY, Siemens and Lloyd’s Register announced a partnership focused on the research of a hydrogen fuel cells technology/application for the new VSY 65m Waterecho. 

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VSY are known as an ethical construction specialist with a vision of sustainability for the wider practice of yacht building. They have always invested in onboard technologies for water treatment, exhaust emission reduction, “green anchoring” systems and other energy saving applications. The shipyard is not only encouraging the evolution of ecologically sound construction of larger yachts, but also promoting relationships with international committees and companies to stimulate the increase of environmental stability and clean technologies. 

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Indeed, VSY have just signed a partnership agreement with Siemens and Lloyd’s Register to develop a project for the application of a hydrogen fuel cells technology on a special version of the brand-new VSY 65m Waterecho project by Espen Øino. Designed for true sea lovers by one of the most talented and recognized pens in the yachting world, the VSY 65m Waterecho is a perfect blend of absolute comfort and sustainability with the aim to increase the conscious luxury yacht building. 

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Siemens is very sensitive to the development of environmentally friendly and profitable solutions for the marine and shipbuilding sector. These are vital to meet strict environmental requirements while still running ships economically. That is why Siemens answers with an integrated energy and propulsion system, specifically designed for marine and ship industry, such as SISHIP BlueDrive. The main purpose of this project is to assess the specific safety and technical requirement for feeding the stern electric engine (used for maneuvering or as auxiliary propulsor – standard in all VSY yachts) in a completely green and sustainable mode. 


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