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Videoworks unveiled the future of onboard technologies at the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show

Innovative technologies, new connections, intelligent environments, 3D sound and increasingly complex onboard systems: these have been the keywords for Videoworks at the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show. 

Mario Costamagna, IoT- TIM/Olivetti Sales Manager, explained the new frontiers of onboard connection. Visitors were able to learn about all the Internet connection opportunities currently offered by the LTE-A system. On that regard, for the entire duration of the yacht show, Videoworks exhibited a working example of the top of the Peplink range, the EPX, which allows to have up to eighteen LTE-A connections at the same time. Visitors were also shown a roadmap for the next few years, as 5G connection takes on the starring role when living onboard. 


In a world where use of onboard audio/video systems and networks has become very important for owners and guests, Videoworks continues to demonstrate its ability to innovate.


Intelligent environments are increasingly being viewed as a natural evolution of domotics, and the Italian company has decided to offer visitors an opportunity to experience two systems of great technological and emotional impact at its stand. 

01_Mood meter Face

In the Emotional Room, visitors can experience how an algorithm on neural network can assess the mood on of an area’s occupants and adjust music and lights to that environment. Upon entering a room, users select some music among the proposed genres (pop, rock, Latin or classical) and settle down. An experiential video starts. At the end, the software works to map the sensations they felt and generates an ad hoc Spotify playlist in real time, while adjusting the lines with the detected mood. 



For those who are seeking an immersive listening experience, Videoworks realized a device that diffuses tridimensional sounds in the environment where it is installed, offering customized sound experiences. 


Closing your eyes, you will feel like standing in the middle of a tropical forest, or sitting in the first row at a symphonic orchestra concert. All of this is possible with the K-Array Vyper KV-52 speakers and the DSP card by Leaff Engineering, pivotal to equalize the sound with stable, repeatable results. Videoworks technicians know exactly how and where to install the passive, ultrathin K-Array Vyper speakers. Each speaker is made of eight 1” transducers, and has a neodymium magnet inside a solid and elegant aluminium chassis. Phase consistency, minimal distortion and listening focalization are the main characteristics of these speakers. 

At the last Monaco Yacht Show, many of the superyachts on display featuring Videoworks audio/video, Domotics, Entertainment, lighting and network system.  

DOMINATOR 28 m M/Y Cadet. High fidelity “zero architectural impact” speakers in the cabins can be embedded into any surface to transform it into a true high-performance audio system.


The speakers are completely invisible and perfectly calibrated depending on the size of the room or space in order to produce the purest sound. Apple TV, Airplay, air conditioning, lighting and curtains (in the owner’s suite) are easily managed from a tablet anywhere on the yacht. 


DOMINATOR 28 m M/Y Zalanka. Use of the sound masking system in the main saloon and owner’s cabin ensures perfect acoustics. Sound masking is an innovative technology ensuring high fidelity sound even in noisy environments such as a yacht at sea.


This result is obtained by adding perfectly balanced background noise that cancels out the noise in the space. A plug-in DJ system on the sun deck permits total audio integration, so that DJs can use their own system to play music anywhere, any time. All outdoor audio equipment installed by Videoworks is completely waterproof. 


CUSTOM LINE Navetta 42. Here Videoworks has created a centralised AV system featuring Creston processors. All spaces onboard have Airplay with Apple TV. The vessel also features Kerio Control, an all-virtual firewall, antivirus and bandwidth management system which protects onboard browsing against intrusions and viruses while permitting owners to work with full security and speed even when at sea. 

1_CustomLineNavetta-42 copia

CRN 50 m M/Y Latona. Videoworks has come up with an AV system incorporating local and centralised racks, with the addition of a network rack on the upper deck.

CRN-Latona-50m-DJI_0109 copia 2

The Sonance 5.1 surround sound system in the upper saloon, main saloon and owner’s cabin guarantees an outstanding acoustic experience. This yacht is also fitted with the Kerio Control cybersecurity system, which uses a web filter to permit administrators to deny or limit access to internet sites, services and applications, protecting users and infrastructure by prohibiting access to harmful sites that could steal the user’s data. 

Latona UD-panoramic-salon-1-PT5A1556

WIDER YACHTS 50 m M/Y Cecilia. All systems are centralised on racks (racks are entirely built, assembled and tested in the Videoworks workshop). The audio system uses top of the range equipment, not only in the saloons but in the guest area as well. To protect the onboard network from IT attacks, Videoworks has installed Kerio Control, an all-in-one firewall, antivirus and bandwidth management system, protecting the onboard server with an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) monitoring all incoming and outgoing communications.


In addition to its capabilities as a new generation firewall, the device offers a Load Balancing function guaranteeing high speed data transmission forimportant data and an optimised Internet connection, distributing traffic via multiple links. 


PERINI 60 mt. S/Y Seven. While designing the lighting on-board the Perini Seven, Videoworks collaborated with both the shipyard and the Dante O. Benini & Partners studio. The first challenge for the Videoworks team was to create a lighting design that mixed direct, indirect and backlit illumination, yet that would not lose sight of the proper balance between the various elements. The second challenge was to transfer everything that was created and designed on paper into systems, cabling and lighting schemes.


The use of the DALI protocol (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, a new digital interface standard for the electronic management of interior illumination systems) allowed Videoworks to create very high quality illumination, guaranteeing that each fixture could fully express its potential. Videoworks was also responsible for supervising, consulting and installing all illuminated environments aboard the Perini Seven, coordinating and assisting the yard in the purchase of the lighting fixtures. 

@Giuliano Argentini
@Giuliano Argentini

Other systems that stand out among the various ones installed are the winch-dedicated cameras and the cameras installed on the cross-trees and that interface with the monitoring system – this means that when using the sails, one person can perform all sailing operations without a crew of sailors. 

BENETTI FB269 69 mt. M/Y Spectre. On the 69-metre yacht built by the Italian shipyard, Videoworks has installed a fully centralised AV system in a dedicated rack room with seven full-height racks. The rack frame is custom-built to fit into the available areas (the cabins have only a TV, speakers and iPad).


Audio-video distribution is via optic fibre. The Kaleidescape server for films and music is the best solution for cinema lovers who want enjoy the big-screen experience on their yacht. 

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