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Perini Navi by The Italian Sea Group concerning Giovanni Costantino

Giovanni Costantino, 59, founder and CEO of The Italian Sea Group comments on the acquisition of Perini Navi that his group was awarded at the end of December 2022 for 80 million euros: “The right completion of our first decade of activity “.

Mr. Costantino, The Italian Sea Group controls Admiral Yachts, Tecnomar, Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, NCA Refit and now also Perini Navi. What’s the industrial project of Perini Navi by Giovanni Costantino?

Giovanni Costantino. First of all we have already started and with great energy. The Viareggio and La Spezia sites are fully operational. The project for Perini is to proceed while preserving the strategic and historical lines of the product but we will intervene, and we have already done so, with great technological innovation on the sail system and on the propulsion, but I emphasize,, while preserving the historical lines, we will also intervene on an aesthetic level. This from an industrial point of view. Then there’s an event that we care a lot about. In fact, we have already confirmed the eighth edition of the Perini Navi Cup which will be held from 13 to 16 September 2023 in Porto Cervo.

Giovanni Costantino

Regarding the production sites in Viareggio and La Spezia, what are the projects?

G.C. Viareggio will continue in the exclusive business of Perini-sail. A strategic-commercial change has already taken place. That is Perini will only build large sailing yachts over 50 meters.

So the sector that was Perini Power disappears?

G.C. Perini will only build sailing ships. For the engine we will proceed with our brands and from next June we will give way the Picchiotti brand which is the oldest Italian shipyard: it was born in 1600.

The Italian Sea Group shipyard

What is the situation of the Perini orders?

G.C. Closed the contract with the owner we are completing, we are at 60%, a 60-meter ketch that was in production. We will need 18 months.  A 47-meter that we have reviewed in the global design is also being completed. It will be the first Perini entirely managed by us and we will present it shortly. Then, prior to the acquisition, we had sold two 56-meter ketches which will now be Perini. Finally we are completing the largest catamaran in the world: 47 meters by 18 meters wide. And this too will be Perini.


The Perini Navi Shipyard

There were also some Perini motoryachts in production …

G.C. Yes, but they will not go into the sea as Perini. In agreement with the owners they have been restyled and will take the Admiral Yachts brand. Both of them are being worked on in La Spezia where we will probably bring some Tecnomars as part of a reconsideration of the spaces. It is a logistics strategy that we are developing.

More generally, what is the Group’s strategy for the future for Perini?

G.C. To confirm our current strategy in motoryachts to carry on the Perini brand and exceed 50-55 meters in length to compete with shipyards in Northern Europe.

Emilio Martinelli

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