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Studio Names signs the naval architecture of the Codecasa Classic Yacht 110′ F80

Classic, but without sacrificing performance. As with the 24-metre MY Vero, the first collaboration between Studio Names and Cantieri Navali Codecasa, for the Codecasa Classic Yacht 110′ F80 (33.50 m), also part of the Classic Line, Francesco Rogantin’s studio was given the task of developing the naval architecture and structural calculations for the all-light alloy construction. (All our posts on Studio Names here)

Studio Names

Straight lines and performance

“One of the characteristics of Cantieri Navali Codecasa’s Classic Line is to combine retro lines with performance,” explains Francesco Rogantin of Studio Names. “On the one hand, the styling, taken care of both externally and for the interiors by Luca Dini Design & Architecture, recalls traditional lines enhanced by a consistent use of polished mahogany especially on the exteriors, while the hull, which adopts a traditional shaft-line drive, is semi-displacement.

Studio Names

For its design we did not carry out tank tests, but relied on computational fluid dynamics (hence the acronym CFD) simulations, which allows us to hypothesise a maximum speed of just under 22 knots and a range of 1,200 nautical miles at 12 knots. As for the geometry of the hull, it is important to remember that it is angular with a special design for the propeller tunnels.

Studio Names

Structural calculations by Studio Names

Studio Names did not limit itself to the architecture of the hull, but also defined the construction calculations of the entire yacht, then followed all the hull and deck fitting out phases. The studio, based in Varazze, also defined all the on-board systems. In fact, the owner of the Codecasa Classic Yacht 110′ F80 requested a rich array of equipment: these include 7 kW CMC Marine HSO80 stabilisers, a CMC TP50 bow thruster and two 55 kW EFOFDJ generators, as well as electric trimmers. Engines, meanwhile, are powered by a pair of MAN V12s of 1,550 hp each (1,140 kW) at 2,300 rpm with ZF 2050 gearboxes.

Studio Names

“The extensive use of wood finishes also required a careful study of their combination with the aluminium structure,” recalls Francesco Rogantin. “In particular, the frames of all the windows are in polished mahogany, but the stern hatch is also entirely clad in wood. Lastly, another special feature of the Codecasa Classic Yacht 110′ F80 is the garage under the deck which is accessed through a large side hatch, inside which a five-metre long tender can be stowed.” 

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