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The graphene workshops


The important plant in Italy that is capable of producing the new material with a very high degree of purity for different uses, including the nautical one.

It is an essential landmark for a material whose use is expanding at a daily rate in every sector, even the nautical one.  We are talking about graphene and the Grafene Workshops (Officine del Grafene): the largest European plant for the production of pure graphene sheets based in Italy at the scientific park ComoNext in Lomazzo, a few km away from Como. Officine del Grafene have a production capacity of 30 tons per year, and the plant was built in order to consume a limited amount of energy and it doesn’t generate any type of emission or waste.

The facility was built by Directa Plus, a society that is now chaired by Giulio Cesareo and active since 2005. In 2006 Directa Plus was already applying for a patent for the process called G+ that allows the production of nanomaterials based on graphene. The G+ procedure was ideated by the Italian-American scientist Robert Angelo Mercuri and allows for the expansion of the molecular structure of common graphite by separating the individual layers of the carbon atoms that compose it.
Subsequently, specific chemicals separate the layers which are nothing more than graphene sheets that can be used for  the realization of any kind of project and, if combined with hydrogen, as a support for new energy.


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