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The Mazu 92DS is coming

The Mazu 92DS is coming. It is under construction ant it will be the first one in steel

The light carbon composite 

First of all it cornered a good segment of the market with its light carbon composite fast planing dayboats. And it was a real success.

Mazu 92DS
Mazu 92DS

Mazu 92DS; It’s steel time

Now the Turkish yard Mazu Yachts is preparing to make the bold leap into the steel-building world. The new 92DS, currently in build, will be the first example in a new steel-hulled semi-displacement series. The series will span other two models: a 112’ and a 132’. 

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Why Steel

“I believe that for safety, comfort and preowned market value reasons, displacement yachts need to be built from either steel or aluminium». That’s what the brand’s founder and chief designer Halit Yukay explained recently.

Than he also add: «We offered the market something new with our carbon composite models. The new 92DS is a big departure from those, but has a very different mission too”. 

Mazu 92DS

Not only steel for the Mazu 92DS

Despite a steel keel, composites will still be used for the superstructure. That’s to draw on the yard’s expertise in minimising weight and keeping the centre of gravity low. As it will be silly to loose all those know how. And a light boat it’s always better than a heavy one.

Mazu 92DS The Exterior design

The exterior design has been penned by Red Yacht Design.

The Studio has crafted crossover-style exterior lines with an imposing plumb bow and raised pilothouse forward to maximise volumes. The result it’s a gently, yet powerful boat. Exactly what the market is asking for at the moment.

Mazu 92DS

The Beach Club

But really, what does people want from a boat? To be as near as possible to the sea. So, here is the large open transom that acts as a beach club and also has two fold-down wings. The first 92 DS will be delivered to her Turkish owner in summer 2022.

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