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Turquoise Yachts: Amor

A modern classic with subtly designed interiors: the new 57m from Turquoise Yachts is also clothed in exteriors penned by A. Vallicelli & C. It is the evolution of the Turquoise 74 of which two have been built so far and which is also the work of Andrea Vallicelli and Alessandro Nazareth.

«Initially the design was for a 50m,» explains Nazareth. «But at the behest of the yard’s main shareholder, Mohammed Al Barwani, who is always very much involved in the early stages of all the yachts, it increased to over 57 metres (57.7 to be exact, ed.’s note)».

The project reflects the 74’s bloodline with many of its most recognisable signatures, including the shape of the bridge wings and the transom and the progression of the hull windows. «But one important difference is the tri-deck plus fly configuration– one less than on the 74. Otherwise, the fundamental concepts remain the same. However, it was difficult to shrink the dimensions from 74 to 57 metres yet keep the same layout and the very balanced proportions between the covered decks and al fresco areas». 

Other modifications include the addition of a large beach club, a stowage and retrieval area for the tender on the foredeck, and the replacement of the pool (not essential on a craft of this size) with optional Jacuzzis. «Aside from the exteriors» concludes Alessandro Nazareth, «we also mapped out a very general plan for the interiors that will have the large volumes of a yacht with a beam of 10m that I would describe as classically comfortable. There is nothing particularly radical about it but the yard is confident that it will repeat the success of the model that inspired it».

The first briefing between Mr Barwani and Hot Lab, represented by owner and head of Marketing & Strategy Antonio Romano and chief designer Enrico Lumini, produced a strong motif. «A maritime-influenced colour theme,» explains Enrico Lumini. «A combination of navy and white that veered off to silver and blue as the project developed. We created a style that was both modern and classic at once around that two-tone theme. We worked more on materials and textural variations of the same colour than on geometries».

One standout example is the different shades of white created by treating woods in various ways from 100 Gloss to open and closed-pore oak. There are also details in the Hot Lab palette that are both decorative and textural. This is true of the entrance to the saloon on the main deck where Lalique 3D wallpaper combines powerful imagery with softer graphics. «It brilliantly expresses that duality of reconciling the owner’s wishes with the stamp that the architects have to be able to include,» continues Lumini. 

But the interiors are also awash with other top designer names which combine with the coffee and dining tables designed by Hot Lab. They include B&B Italia, Swarovski, Minotti, and Rubelli/Armani Casa. The sofas and poufs in the saloon on the upper deck are by Bastian by Visionnaire. It is in this space that Enrico Lumini best expresses the spirit of the Turquoise Yachts. «It is my favourite area not just on this yacht but on all of them,» he smiles. «It is the cosiest of the saloons and is generally only used by the family. Its layout has various different seating groups, something we are including in many of our projects. It makes the space more interesting».

The master suite is on the main deck and there is also a VIP in addition to four guest staterooms. The result? «A balanced contemporary look,» as Enrico Lumini puts it himself. 

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