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Two new orders for Baglietto

Two orders in the space of a few days. The year 2022 and, more specifically, the month of February couldn’t have started better for Baglietto, which announced the sale first of a new DOM 133 thanks to the contribution of Robert Lama of Miami International Yacht Sales, and then of a 52-metre from the T52 line thanks to the support of Boomer Jousma of the Italian Yacht Group.

The Baglietto T52 metre

This coup comes in a winter market, to use an expression borrowed from the world of football, which confirms the Ligurian yard’s great moment of form. And the numbers are there to confirm it. Both the T52 and the DOM 133 are the fifth unit sold. This result is also justified in the light of the goodness of a design platform that has had a strong appreciation, in terms of requests, especially overseas. In this way the Americas, and in particular the United States, are confirmed as one of Baglietto’s reference markets.

The Baglietto DOM133

“A reconfirmation of the consolidation in the Americas market for the Baglietto DOM line”, says Diego Michele Deprati, Baglietto CEO, “which had already found appreciation both in Europe and in the Middle East, thanks to the harmonization of a series of elements such as design, technology, versatility and space. These are all features that have made this yacht appreciated and sought after by a large and varied group of owners. This line is destined for further refinement in the future, while maintaining the essential qualities that have proved to be successful.

The Baglietto T52 metre

The winning key to understanding this product range designed by Stefano Vafiadis can be summed up in the large volumes it offers in relation to its size, its reduced draught and the use of aluminium as a construction material. For the T52, sold so far on paper since the first unit has yet to go into the water, the reason for its success is to be found in the skills expressed by Francesco Paszkowski in developing a project capable of looking ahead in terms of style, design and living solutions adopted but always in full respect of the history and tradition of a brand like Baglietto.

The Baglietto DOM133

“This T52, the second sold to the American market in the short period,” points out Diego Deprati, CEO of Baglietto, “confirms to us how much the model designed by the architect Paszkowski is gaining great appreciation even overseas for its essential purity, which has always been an expression of the Baglietto brand, and even more so in this yacht, which manages to combine and harmonize perfectly advanced technology and the desire to live the sea, typical of this time”.

Matteo Zaccagnino

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