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AM37: power, beauty and soul

A date that will definitely go down in history: the 29th of April, in Gaydon, (England), the official entrance of Aston Martin in the marine industry was celebrated.

An ambitious project that, in addition to the famous English car brand, involves Quintessence Yachts and the  Dutch studio Mulder Design. It is no coincidence that   the choice was given to the Dutch designer that,  from  1979 to today has signed the water lines of boats that   stood out for their high performance. It is the confirmation, if ever proof were needed, that the new project was created to bring to the water the same emotions found in the sporty driving characteristic of Aston Martin.

Power, Beauty and Soul are indeed the motto that accompanies the story of 102 years of the automobile manufacturer that, with the arrival on the nautical scene, inaugurates a new course. The first of what is likely to be a range of boats was baptized AM 37. The boat is credited with a speed of 60 knots with a concept of Gran Turismo and performance arriving at 50 knots. The finalization of the project is the result of a team effort that brought together, for some time, around the same table,  the Aston Martin design team led by Marek Reichman, Bas Mulder chief of the Dutch design studio and Quintessence Yachts.

From the external lines point of view it is clear that the AM 37 will bring the stylistic elements of the British car company in the nautical domain. However, we have to wait another few months for further details.  With regards to the construction, (the first hull is already at an advanced stage) infusion will be adopted while in terms of materials there will be a wide use of the composite matched to carbon fiber for structural parts.

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