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Up the anchor, it’s party time!

According to Martino Crespi, Italian creator of major events,  the parties organized on the yachts that combine comfort, control and safety will be the trend of the summer.

Martino Crespi, photo by Gabriele Basilico

After a very long stop, with all the necessary precautions, events start again. To the sound of the waves. Those that crash on luxury yachts strictly over 24 meters, the flagship of Italian style. An ideal solution to combine comfort, control, safety and to realize more than ever that idea of ​​escape from reality that we all want. A type of event certainly not new for the jet society but which now, with the grip of the pandemic loosened, represents even more an optimal solution. In fact, the party on the water is the most requested type of event in this summer 2021 in the opinion of Martino Crespi, a prolific Italianinventor of spectacular parties, who before the pandemic had come, used to plan an event every two days.

A party onboard a megayacht, photo by Gabriele Basilico

“In this period of transition – says Crespi – the events organized on luxury boats, as indeed in private villas, are the most requested because people do not want to take risks and want to avoid what happened last summer. Staying safe on your boat and avoiding crowded places is already a choice of many, among those who can afford it. Events on owned boats are in demand, but pleasure craft for hire is also growing ”. An important node is safety. “More and more – continues Crespi – new figures are requested from the organizational staff who pay particular attention to compliance with the rules and certifications, a sort of green pass controller”.

The Magellano/Oasis celebration in Portofino, organized by Martino Crespi

Also this year the trendiest place, emblem of the renewed desire to live and have fun, will be Costa Smeraldain Sardinia. That is the prediction of the event manager, leaving for Porto Cervo, where his parties are known and appreciated. In fact, already in 2020 Crespi had organized some very selected events in Sardinia. Not even in the period of the pandemic did he stop inventing new formulas that combined respect for the rules, leisure, sea and haute cuisine. Like the 17 mini-events curated with chef Daniel Canzian including Bulgari’s chic picnics and dinner on a private superyacht.

Giovanna Vitelli @ the celebration for Azimut Azimut Benetti 50° in Cap d’Antibes, organized by Martino Crespi

But once the safety parameters have been defined, what are the characteristics of a typical boat party organized by Martino Crespi?
First of all, as in the code of the events signed by the event manager of Milan, we need to understand what the interlocutor dreams of and make it happen in the best possible way. As he likes to repeat, you have to get in tune with the client, sensing exactly the idea he has envisioned, grasping the mood he wants to suggest, defining exactly what he wants to communicate and how.

The Magellano/Oasis celebration in Portofino, organized by Martino Crespi

As for the boat event, there is no real rule on the position of the yacht: it is normally in port, but depending on the case, it is possible to organize the event even in the harbor or under way. Entertainment on board is fundamental. “Surely it takes a great chef to cheer up the guests and one or more of my performers depending on the type of evening. The dress code is instead a variable: it depends on the theme of the party and on the wishes of the hosts – concludes Crespi.

foto by Gabriele Basilico

The most bizarre dress code? It is still early to say, but it’s safe to bet that all the guests will communicate with their way of being and their style a newfound joie de vivre, having finally regained the long lost time.

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